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发布时间: 2023-03-09
序号 专业名称 学生姓名 学术创新成果类型(1或X) 学术创新成果题目 学术创新成果发表刊物及时间(认定机构) 排名情况 是否与导师合作 期刊目录版本 认定级别
1 企业管理 鞠英伟 1 Dynamic   Pricing Strategy for Two-Generation Products under Different Trade-in Subsidy   Strategies Mathematical   Problems in Engineering (2022.12) 独作 2018 外B
企业管理 鞠英伟 X 做大做强成渝主轴研究 西财智库   (2022.7) 3 X
2 旅游管理 谢泽氡 1 The   impact of mental simulation on subsequent tourist experience – dual evidence   from eye tracking and self-reported measurement Current   Issues in Tourism(2022.07) 1 2018 外B
3 大数据管理 陈浩 1 Improved   hybrid resampling and ensemble model for imbalance learning and credit   evaluation Journal   of Management Science and Engineering(2022,12) 2 2018 中   A
4 企业管理 范艺潆 1 Brand   first? The effect of hotel online word-of-mouth on consumer brand sensitivity Frontiers   in Psychology(2022.8) 2 2018 外B
5 人力资源管理 陈刚 1 Does   motivation matter? How leader behaviors influence employee vigor at work Personnel   Review(2022.8) 2 2018 外B
6 市场营销 周磐 1 在线印象管理视角:   创新动机与创新绩效研究 科研管理(2020.6) 2 2018 中A
7 企业管理 马景晨 1 TMT   experience and corporate social (ir)responsibility: the moderating effects of   faultlines Nankai   Business Review International(2022,8) 1 2018 中   A
8 人力资源管理 李爽 1 How   and when workplace ostracism influences employee deviant behavior: A   self-determination theory perspective Frontiers   in Psychology(2022.10) 2 2018 外B
9 物流与供应链管理 李姝 1 Why   Do Micro and Small Merchants Use Mobile Payment Systems? A Grounded Theory   Study in China Nankai   Business Review International(2021,8) 2 2018 中A
10 大数据管理 张和贵 1 The   interaction of multiple information on multiplex social
Information   Sciences(2022.5) 1 2018 外A
11 大数据管理 闫啸 1 Region-based   demand forecasting in bike-sharing systems using a
    multiple spatiotemporal fusion neural network
Soft   Computing (2022.12)
1 2018 外B
12 旅游管理 吴炫瑾 1 Effects   of social interaction flow on experiential quality, service quality and   satisfaction: moderating effects of self-service technologies to reduce   employee interruptions Journal   of Hospitality Marketing & Management(2021.01) 1 2018 外B