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光华讲坛—Born to wait? A study of allocation rules in booking systems
发布时间: 2022-12-16

主题Born to wait? A study of allocation rules in booking systems

主讲人清华大学经济管理学院 刘潇副教授

主持人亚博全站yabovip888 赵琳教授



主办单位:亚博全站yabovip888 科研处


刘潇, 清华大学经济管理学院长聘副教授, 2006年本科毕业于中国人民大学, 2012年博士毕业于美国密歇根大学。研究方向为实验经济学、行为经济学、市场设计和信息经济学。目前担任国际期刊Management Science,Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization,Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics的Associate Editor。文章发表在Management Science、Games and Economic Behavior、Journal of Development Economics等期刊。


When designing allocation rules for scarce goods or services, market designers often face the issue of balancing between efficiency and fairness. Critically, efficiency losses may exhibit various formats and calls for a systematical quantification. We document that a previously understudied source of efficiency loss stemming from queuing can be substantial in many real-world booking systems using first-come-first-served allocation rules. We provide a novel experimental framework that allows us to quantify and compare different sources of efficiency losses across different allocation rules. The theory predicts and lab experiments confirm that the efficiency loss due to opportunity costs of time spent on queuing overwhelms any other efficiency concerns in a booking system based on queuing. However, such loss is almost completely eliminated in a booking system based on lotteries. We also develop and test a novel dual-track system that allows participants to freely choose their preferred allocation rule. We observe a majority prefers the allocation rule based on lotteries over the rule based on queuing.